The Chinese script runs from top to bottom and the characters are organized in columns francaisonlinecasinos.net. “Ba Zi” means eight characters and a pillar consists of two characters, one on top of another, the upper one is known as ” Celestial Stem ” and the lower one as ” Terrestrial Branch “. The first Pillar corresponds to the Year of birth, the second to the Month of birth, the third to the Day of birth and the fourth to the Time of birth. These Eight Characters form the “Four Pillars” and these eight characters or Four Pillars contain the necessary information to allow us to discover with precision the elemental composition of a person acquired at the moment of his birth, that is, revealing how the Five Elements hidden in The Four Pillars of Destiny influence our life.

In the ancient Chinese culture Ba Zi, eight characters, was used to evaluate the likely compatibility of a future marriage. The custom was that if a young man wanted a woman’s hand in marriage, he should first send his four pillars written on a card to her family, the card was examined by the family of the future spouse and was returned. If the young man’s card was returned together with the four pillars of it, the answer was positive, instead if only the young man’s card was returned without the pillars of it, the answer was negative, as it was considered that there was no compatibility between them. .

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