The undiluted essential oils are excellent purifiers of environmental energy and collaborate in the creation of specific situations, such as special climates, emotions, they gladden and emphasize certain circumstances

They can be used in immersion baths, in humidifiers, in stoves, and with vehicle oils for the body.

Lavender: It is a fresh, clean, relaxing fragrance. Its effect produces relaxation and promotes good rest. They are also used in pillows (with flowers) and in perfume pouches. It connects us with the interior and offers peace.

Orange: Fresh, warm, citrus fragrance. Clear the mind and open the senses. It is antidepressant and stimulate the appetite. It connects us with joy and love.

Lemon: Very fresh, acid, illuminating. Clear the mind Refreshing and desinflamante. Strengthens the value and gives self confidence. It is related to the truth.

Sage:Sweet, floral fragrance. It is feminine and watery in character. It is moisturizing and antidepressant. It connects us with the consciousness of unity. It is ideal for situations of tension or violence.

Camphor: Clean, transparent. Intense astral waste cleaner. Negative energy cleaner. Antiseptic and desinflamante. Purify the mind and blocked thoughts. It gives purity and cleans the spaces.

Peppermint: menthol, fresh. Restore natural rhythms. Hepatic decongestant. Anticonvulsant Balances brain waves and emotions. Connects with temperance.

Anise: Sweet, thick. Provides emotional security Anxiolytic, digestive. It connects us with abundance. It is related to nutrition.

Palmarosa: Citrus with rose background. Provides well-being and repairs negative situations. Antidepressant and nutritious. Liberate the past, connect us with forgiveness.

Tangerine: Sweet, citrus and floral. It moves melancholy away. Euphorizing and antidepressant. Stimulating. Ideal for family reunions or with friends. It connects us with the inner child. Create hope.

Romero: Intense, warm. Circulation of positive energy. Circulatory, energetic stimulant. Connect the spirit with the body. It gives happy.

Peppermint: Very menthol, cold, strong and intense. Ideal for headaches, migraines. It is related to the study and offices, concentration. Cephalic and digestive. Act on discernment.

Eucalyptus: Balsamic, sweet. Release and oxygenation effect. Antimucosa, pulmonary and bactericidal. Expand our consciousness It connects us with freedom.

Thyme: Medicinal. Lift the physical and psychic defenses. Disinfectant, scrubber, bactericide. It connects us with the strength of the spirit. It gives us courage.

Cedar: It is a woody essence, warm and deep. Create climates of intimacy and comfort. Anxiolytic, expectorant, antiseptic. Promotes mutual trust It is related to intimacy between two people.

Patchouli:It is a penetrating aroma, sweet and earthy. Suppress emotional barriers. Antidepressant, mothproofing, distension. It helps to release the contained emotion. Promotes sensitivity

Ylang Ylang: It is intense, sweet, voluptuous. Of exuberant character. Comforting, relaxing, aphrodisiac and antidepressant. It connects us with beauty and receptivity. Renew the intensity.

Jasmine: Security and warmth. Antidepressant distensor, tonic and aphrodisiac. Fertilization and faculty of giving. Yang Male energy

Rosa: Love, consolation, compassion and understanding. Antidepressant, vitalizing, romantic. It acts on fertility and receptivity. It’s yin, feminine energy.

Petit Grain:Sweet and floral. Rest the emotions. De-stressing, antiseptic, refreshing. Restore calm and calm. It intervenes in serenity.

Azahar: Sweet, warm and soured. Situation of examination or shock, rescue. Anxiolytic, antidepressant, antispasmodic. Collaborate in grace.

Melisa: It is floral and earthy. Comfort and lighten the mood. Respiratory cephalic. Remove the dark thoughts. It intervenes in the sweetness.

Geranium: Delicious and refreshing character. Regulate the bait. Anabolic and diuretic. It connects us with inner beauty and joy. Spiritual.

Bergamot:Citrus, fresh and floral. Dispel anxiety and depression. It is anti-anorexic, antidepressant, bactericidal and antifebrile. Collaborate in the process of renewing faith and hopes. Ideal for living, dining, kitchens. Give confidence

Sandalwood: Warm, woody. Power and elevates human value. Antiseptic, bronchial, catabolic and aphrodisiac. Induces spiritual awakening, brings a sense of union.

Vetiver: Exotic, sweet and earthy. It connects us with the sense of reality. Diuretic and circulatory. It promotes stability and inner strength. It gives us strength.

Tea Tree:Acid, intense and medicinal. Energy of order and neatness. Antiviral, antifungal, disinfectant. awakens the forces of regeneration. It intervenes directly in health.

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