Why do a consultation on Chinese Astrology – Four Pillars …?
 Chinese Astrology considers the influences of the natural energies of the universe. This method of calculation and astrological interpretation allows us to discover with precision the elemental composition of a person acquired at the moment of his birth, that is, to reveal how the Five Elements in the Four Pillars of Destiny influence our lives. . We can also determine the most important stages of our lives through the calculation of the Ten Year Life Cycle, these are periods of ten years articulated by a Sign and an Element. With all these data we can better determine and plan our future years, months, days and hours as we will know which cycles will be more favorable and which will be less favorable. Chinese astrology is a highly effective way to understand, to identify challenges and opportunities throughout the course of our lives. 
What is a query …?
 A consultation consists of the calculation of the Four Pillars of Destiny, the evaluation of the influence of the Five Elements in the Four Pillars (prenatal condition) and the calculation of the Ten Year Life Cycle. LThe consultation will focus on discovering the interactions related to romance, the couple, family relationships (father, mother, siblings, grandparents), compatible professions, performance, luck, personality, health, favorable and unfavorable colors, years, months and the most appropriate hours according to our natal chart, planning of the most opportune and less opportune cycles. Compatibility and relationship between signs, this point is very interesting because knowing the relationships between the signs we will know how to determine, for example, how to form a work group. And finally we will accompany all these data with Feng Shui tips. 
Data required for the completion of the Astrological Study – 4 Pillars :
 Date of birth, including the time (Year, Month, Day and Time) of each person to whom the study will be conducted. 
If you want to see how is a basic astrological study done by Barragán – Puente you can see it here:
Astrological Study Fee – 4 Pillars: $ 600 Argentines or $ 90 per person.
For inquiries and / or request more information about the Astrological Study – 4 Pillars:
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