The Project and Construction Management is the specific function that falls to the Architect and is divided into three clearly defined stages:
Draft: It is the idea or concept generator of the project and is composed of the set of plans, cuts, views and other graphic elements that accompany this stage to give a general idea of ​​the work of reference. It is at this stage that the architect has to exchange concepts, ideas and if necessary make the necessary corrections depending on the requirements of the client or client to adapt them to the preliminary project.
Project: It is the preliminary project previously described but approved by the client since in this stage the necessary technical documentation is drawn up (Graphic – plans and written) to be able to build the Work in question.
Construction Management: This is a very important function that the architect performs and in which the faithful interpretation of the plans and the technical documentation by the contractor is controlled so that the work is built in time and form. The Architect Director of Work must verify that the tasks are carried out correctly and according to their specifications, and is the highest authority that coordinates and organizes all the guilds in the different moments of the course of the work.
It should be noted that the Project and the Construction Management can be separated, that is to say that the preliminary project and the project can be contracted with an architectural study and carry out the construction management with another professional. Being the most advisable that both the preliminary project, project and work direction is carried out by the same study. 
Now, imagine for a moment being able to link a project, and its subsequent construction, from its inception with Feng Shui …. 
This is the ideal situation where ” Barragán – Puente “ applies the techniques of Feng Shui in the preliminary stage and project, on the plans and / or sketches, before the start of work or remodeling of a house or building. In this instance of the blueprint we work with the formulas of all the ” Schools of Feng Shui “, harmonizing the future construction, and as we move forward with the Design, we detect the most subtle energies in relation to the space we will inhabit. In this stage we can design with concepts related to the ” Bau – Biology “. With these techniques we will achieve a perfect combination of harmony between our habitat and ourselves.
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