Why do a Feng Shui consultation …?
 Conducting a consultation of Feng Shui allows us to discover the most subtle energies in our home or workplace, to then balance or cure the negative aspects, enhance the positive aspects and achieve vitality or Chi has a harmonious flow inducing energy, health and prosperity to our environment. 
What is a query …?
 The query consists of two parts: First we conducted the initial interview. The objective is to collect all the information necessary for the consultation. The dates of birth of all the inhabitants, orientation of the front, current situation and aspirations of all the members of the property and the redefinition of the house or place of work is carried out to make the plans corresponding to the report. 
 Finally in the final interview you will receive a complete report composed of a written and a graphic part where the solutions to change or enhance all the aspects following the Feng Shui techniques are detailed by means of very clear and didactic plans. Including: An introduction to the ” 4 Pillars ” of each inhabitant. Advice on everything related to the setting, textures, colors, essences, equipment, lighting, etc. Favorable orientations for each member of the house. Study of the subtle spatial energies through ” Flying Stars “. Survey of electromagnetic fields by portable equipment, see ” Bau – Biology “. 
If you want to see how is a report made by Barragán – Puente you can see it here:To interview, prices or request more information about the Feng Shui Consultancy:
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