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Chinese Astrology Course – 4 Pilares 
 This course will allow us to delve into the ancient art of The Four Pillars of Destiny . Each Pillar is a manifestation of time, composed of one of the twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac or Twelve Earth Branches combined with one of the Five Elements in its Yin or Yang form orthe Ten Celestial Stems . But in each sign of the Zodiac Hidden is a certain amount of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal. This method of calculation and astrological interpretation allows us to discover with precision the elemental composition of a person acquired at the time of his birth, that is, to reveal how the Five Elements in the Four Pillars of Destiny influence our lives. We can also determine the most important stages of our lives through the calculation of the Ten Year Life Cycle, these are periods of ten years articulated by a Sign and an Element. With all these data we can better determine and plan our future years, months, days and hours as we will know which cycles will be more favorable and which will be less favorable. 
Approximate duration 12 weeks (3 months).
It consists of twelve lessons in which the following topics are developed:
 Lesson 1: Origins of Chinese Astrology. Differences with western astrology. The Chinese Calendar The Sixty Year Cycle: The Twelve Earth Branches and The Ten Celestial Stems.
Lesson 2: The Five Elements and Chinese Astrology. The influence of the Planets represented by the Five Elements. Yin and Yang aspect of the Five Elements. The Four Pillars of Destiny. The Signs of the Zodiac and the Five Elements. The Cycle of the Elements.
Lesson 3:The Signs of Chinese Astrology (The Twelve Earth Branches). Relations between the Signs. Yin or Yang condition of the Signs: Exterior Method and Interior Method. The Signs and The Five Element. The Twelve Signs the Zodiac (1st Part): The Rat, The Ox, The Tiger, The Hare, The Dragon, The Serpent.
Lesson 4: The Twelve Signs the Zodiac (2nd Part): The Horse, The Goat, The Monkey, The Rooster, The Dog, The Pig.
Lesson 5: The Calculation of the Four Pillars: The Pillar of the Year, the Pillar of the Month, the Pillar of the Day and the Pillar of the Hour. Meaning of the Pillars. The Key Element (1st Part).
Lesson 6:Intrinsic Element and Hidden Elements in each Pillar. Balance of the Elements within a Natal Chart. Calculation and Interpretation of the Ten Year Life Cycle.
Lesson 7: The Interpretation of the Charter (Part 1). The Triangles: The Triangle of Creativity, The Triangle of Home and Family, The Triangle of Ambition, The Triangle of Commerce. The Squares: The Four Flowers of Love, The Literary Cross, The Cross of Travel.
Lesson 8: The Interpretation of the Charter (2nd Part). The Balance of the Elements and the Character. The Key Element and the Ten Year Cycle. The Kua number and the Ten Year Cycles. Condition of the Key Element (Strong or Weak).
Lesson 9:Transformations of the Five Elements within the Four Pillars: Temporal Transformations, Transformations of the Key Element. The Element of Luck.
Lesson 10: Analysis of the Key Element: The Ten Gods: The Element of Wealth, The Mother Element and the Guardian Element, The Friend and the Adversary, The Angel and the Demon, The Funny Mind and the Defiant Mind, The Element of Romance , Compatibility Analysis, Family Relations. Other Meanings of the Pillars.
Lesson 11:Chinese Astrology and Health: The Five Elements and Our Body, Linkage with the Organs, Harmonization of the Five Elements, Orientology. Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui: The Signs and the Compass, The Peach Blossom, The Grand Duke, The Three Deaths.
Lesson 12: Complete Analysis of a Natal Chart. 
Start date: New Date to be confirmed. Place: Camargo 794, Autonomous City of Bs. As. (Camargo and Gurruchaga). Facilitators: Architect Marcelo Puente. It is delivered manually. Please confirm assistance for the preparation of the Delivery Material. Investment of the Chinese Astrology Course – 4 Pilares Presencial: $ 1350 Argentines, ( ($ 450 x month) .-
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