The Earth, our beautiful and wonderful planet is transiting through a stage of great changes, evolving vibrationally. Now is the time for changes and even if we do not have precise information about what we can do to collaborate in the process, or think that we are only spectators, there is a lot that we can begin to do, because this is the right moment to modify the backward movement humanity and planet earth.

The Indigo and Crystal children keep coming with their wonderful characteristics for a simple reason:

Realize the great change of consciousness in humanity.

There are several explanations from astronomy, also scientific and philosophical. What was once a paradigm, now takes shape at all levels.

We can collaborate in the development of these children and provide adequate information to parents, support teachers, doctors, training them so that they can help from all possible places and thus nurture these creatures with more special characteristics to which the systems They were prepared. At present we do not have systems that comprehensively cover the energy, psychological and social needs of these children today, therefore the contribution of trained people is valuable. Psychologists, psychiatrists, pediatricians, Reiki Masters, Feng Shui Yoga and different integrating holistic disciplines are taking a broader approach with regard to the arrival of these children, the great change of consciousness that they bring us.
For those sectors and systems that still remain unchanged, is that I raise a movement of permanent information from each of our places. Each grain of sand can be immensely effective for our children to grow up healthy, happy and in harmony with the Universe. Yet you might find it interested to visit site casino french for your own free time.

The characteristics of Indigo children differ from those of a Crystal child and also of a “normal” child as they used to call us.
Behavior patterns are different, the energy vibration, the mission in life, the tone of their auras, in fact, there are similarities because they are children and all children are beautiful, but the differences lie only in these factors.

Indigo children have a generally overactive behavior, it is difficult to focus attention on things that do not interest them, they are questioners, they prefer to be active rejecting calm states, since their energy is great and sometimes uncontrollable. They are called “System Breakers”.

They are emotional, and they develop their five senses. They tend to get frustrated easily, they are absorbers of energies, since they have the third chakra (solar plexus) very open and dense energies enter there.

Sometimes they can present disturbances in the sleep, for it as for everything else, there are varieties of therapies and holistic disciplines that focus on treatment in a natural way respecting their times and covering the deepest needs.

Where there is an Indigo child, there is an explosion of energy, since energetic explosions are important characteristics of not being able to channel so much energy.

In my experience attending these children I have found that parents find it quite difficult to raise and educate them, either due to ignorance of the subject, premature exhaustion, fear that the child may have neurological problems, etc.
For all this, it is highly recommended to incorporate new techniques and ways to focus on the child so that these behaviors can be modified and the best results obtained.

The Crystal children, on the other hand, are peacemakers, immensely calm and loving.

Its vibration is very high and when a Crystal child is near us, we can feel that energy of Christic love that comes from him. They are hypersensitive, although very tolerant and of infinite patience. They connect with nature, the arts, the mystic that is in everything.

They perceive the energetic fields of people, animals and living beings in general, they can have visualizations with beings of light or Angels.

They are sensitive to the suffering of others and to rejection, also to the environment. These children, like the Indigos, impose themselves by their mere presence, by reflecting on how to save the planet, with their innovative ideas, about what they see and that we always try to cover.

They bring us CONSCIOUSNESS … we must help them find their place and mission.

From the negative side, a badly carried or medicated child can intensify his attention deficit and his energy centers (Chakras) begin to rotate in reverse, disharmonizing his energy field, signs of depression, decay, anxiety attacks, all with the medications, which do not attend the energy body but only cover a problem, temporarily. 


Hyperactive children have a lot of energy and are sometimes easily disharmonized by either the external or internal environment. For this it is suggested to review the bedrooms, analyzing what kind of objects there are, colors, sizes and spaces.

It is generally advisable to place bluish colors with aquatic motifs for hyperactive children. The frequency wave of the blue cakes is one of the most relaxing, and for girls pink is usually the most sedative and relaxing. The spaces in the rooms should be large and orderly, especially for indigo children who tend to be very disordered. If they do not have space, the important thing is the order to move and move as best as possible. A marked area of ​​quiet games (puzzles, armed with parts of a didactic game) a sector of creativity (it can be paintings, drawings, collages, etc.) where they have a small table, chairs, painter’s, various materials.

By shedding the burdens of the mundane and the limits of prefabricated fixtures, possibilities are discovered in the house that they had not imagined.

It is very important to understand the magnitude that the environment has over childhood.

We talk about the child, in addition to relaxing or playing, can find its own center, value and security. Providing the optimal conditions so that the activities can produce or include several opportunities. Also sensations, possibilities for physical, mental-emotional, and spiritual development. Give them creative stimuli: the possibility of seeing, feeling, touching, moving, unfolding, becomes learning.

Colors, light and sounds can be dispellers of attention and concentration, for example; If a child is in a room where there is a television set turned on in high volume, there are more children in the room playing and moving, it is likely that this child will be disturbed and thus lose total attention in their tasks. The lights, colors and furniture also influence.

What distracts concentration and attention:

Television, Colorful phones, Open windows, Pictures with strong colors, Open doors, Dichroic light, Bright lights, Yang colors, Other children moving.

The symbols:

They act as images that release and direct energy. For example: The color red is a stimulating, exciting tone, accelerates breathing, sharpens the psychic activity, but if the shape of an object is more significant than color, then this will be the one that will prevail.

If you buy a beautiful and fluffy cushion for the child to sleep or use sheets with Yang tones (red, yellow, orange) it is likely that here the color prevails and not the meaning of the object.

The ideal colors for good rest and relaxation are the Yin: (pastel blue, pink, light lilac, pastel). If what you want is to have the child play at a game table and share with friends or siblings, the ideal is to abolish the blue, placing in its place orange and yellow tones that invite joy and sharing.

The white corners provide the child with insecurity. Now if you want the child to focus on a task and concentrate, do not put on the desk orange and yang colors, on the contrary you can use the aforementioned, including violet and lilac.

The yang tones stimulate the appetite, so if the child has trouble eating (usually happens in children crystal) put crockery in orange, yellow and red. If the case were the opposite the ideal would be yin tones (usually in hyperactive, anxious children).

Feng Shui acts as an observer, then examines in this case the influences of culture, psychology, contexts. Life is molded day by day, event to success, and it is important that parents are aware of the events that occur in the universe of the child.

With Feng Shui we give children POSITIVE IMPRESSIONS within each culture.
Knowing the different stages of them, the complexities and characteristics.

A variety of factors come into play at each stage of childhood:The senses: the touch, the aromas, the sounds, the view, the objects, the forms, the rewards, the movement.

In infancy, non-verbal communication abounds, hence the understanding of the chi (energy) of the senses is fundamental.

One of the experts in Waldolf schools tells us:“Young children, unprotected, are at the mercy of their immediate environment, their entire body acts as a single sensory organ, unconscious of itself, building bridges between external impressions and the internal world of the child.”

Toys: If they contain several phases (sensory areas) Chi, they will be more attractive. There are varieties of beautiful toys but they are only ornaments that come to hinder at some point.

The following conditions create different discomforts (negative Chi in the child):

We say negative Chi to those experiences that do not generate self-esteem, do not create a sense of belonging, do not foster a sense of security, or can cause physical harm.

Discussions, inappropriate or harmful contact with people. High acoustic level

Oversight of organic functions. Domestic violence.

Very tall furniture, objects with loose electrical cables, boxes that are too heavy and full of things, very crowded spaces.

Strong sounds, empty spaces, sharp edges of furniture.

On the other hand, you should never let the child experience the feeling that he is not heard or that he is ignored.

From a certain age, where the child can hold objects, bring and bring things, open and close the taps or wash their hands, it is very stimulating for your self-esteem that you participate in basic domestic activities, cooking, kneading, beating , put the table, defoliate lettuce, dig in the garden, collect flowers, water the plants, feed the pets, paint, paste papers … etc.

Children do not respond negatively to an activity unless they are frightened or have the feeling that the adult they see doing it detests it. 

They also promote self-esteem:

That the children choose the clothes they want to wear, the tone of the sheets they want to buy, the books they want to hear you tell them, the colors to paint, that they can place their things and toys in different places of the house for a few moments .

Dinner and lunch with adults is essential for the development of children’s self-esteem, together, without distinction.

Condition the Chi (energy) of things to create positive Chi:

View: More than three colors in one place, Depths (can be leaking frames).

Nature: Sight, touch, smell, sound, movements … the pleasant sensations of freshness, openness, vitality.

It is very beneficial to take nature inside the spaces of the home, you can make murals on some wall with nature motifs, place plants and teach them to take care of them, place a water source, aquarium, fish tanks etc.

Touch:The same thing happens, give them alternatives, different textures, games with sand (in sandboxes and squares), modeling with clays, rubber eva, stones, foams and water.

Movement: Wind mobile that moves with the soft breeze, spaces for dynamic and interactive games. Go to spaces to run, jump, climb, investigate. Accommodate the furniture so that the child can spread out, there is no furniture in the middle of the road, etc.

Sound: Music accompanies, heals, relaxes, comforts, stimulates, all states are generated with music. Wind chimes harmonize by means of sound.

The homemade instruments, create sounds and joy in their faces when touching them.

If the idea is to relax them, the fish tanks and water sources are ideal, their sounds are very soft and the movement of the water relaxes. We can also start a party at home with a wave of batucadas or music that connects them with the desire to jump.

Smell: Through aromatherapy we can achieve certain states too. With pots of aromatic plants, the stoves with natural scents, fresh flowers, with bags of lavender in drawers, placards and pillows, we can encourage good rest and calm.

Each child has different characteristics within the existing parameters, and their personalities are different too. Adapt to each case is what we advise from Feng Shui. With the five elements we can regulate the different imbalances of the child.

Remember that we talk about colors and their yin and yang groups, and that each color determines a specific situation and solves another.

This way we will strengthen our bond with life and they will grow with all the tools to form a wonderful and healthy planet.

The same happens with the five elements, which are partly represented by the colors:

Red / orange: Represents fire. The hot, the exciting. If the child is Indigo, or has hyperactivity, his personality has a strong fire component, so water should be added (boxes with lake or lagoon motifs), earth (brown color, adobe) that will provide security and stability.

Blue or slate gray on the wall of the room, do not use primary colors. Essences of rose, lavender and geranium are advisable.

Brown and yellow sand: They are related to the earth element, it represents safety and stability, in its negative aspect, it can depress or extinguish. If the child has a very quiet personality, very closed, the ideal is to place dynamic elements, which connect with fun and movement, yang elements, red tones, terracotta, oranges. Round tables.etc. Abolish the blue. The essences that are recommended in this case are Ylang Ylang, tangerine, orange and bergamot.

Blue: Represents water. It is ideal to appease hyperactive and anxious children.
If the child has hypersensitive characteristics, is dreamer, is self-sufficient, but it is difficult to handle emotions should harmonize with essence of jasmine, geranium, lemon, grape, movement, wind chimes, natural cotton fabrics, earth.

Green: This color represents wood as an element and is specifically related to health and well-being. If the child loves to explore, the adventure, the new to discover, and has no fears, his personality has a large percentage of wood. These characteristics can sometimes cause some complications for parents. You can soften with earth.

I also suggest that the fabrics are smooth and soft tones, without stripes or rhombuses.

White: The appropriate scents are: palmarosa, sage, mint, cedar, sandalwood.
It is important to consider the natural states of the child, simply putting together the different moments of each day according to their shape and personality. Hours and routines, rest and nap, timetables for lunch and snacks, accustomed to not eating at odd times, not eating sweets and artificial drinks every day and only leaving them for a particular occasion, commenting and teaching him how bad and harmful they can be in excess.

Containment in all aspects: social, cultural, school, food, at home and in different spaces.
Other important factors:

In recent times, children spend much more time in homes and apartments than before, which is why you should consider these factors:

Air exchange: Our grandparents did not suffer from lack of air, because the houses allowed the exchange of the same thanks to the windows, little pollution, and other factors. Now the windows are kept closed, the houses are airtight, if we open them in the city there is no air, we contaminate ourselves and that causes symptoms: flu symptoms, heat sensation, eye irritation, itching or tingling on face or body , lack of concentration, swollen mucous membranes without infection.

The construction materials saturated with toxins together with the consumption of food mixed with dyes, flavor enhancers, stabilizers, preservatives, and others create a dangerous combination capable of causing serious health problems.

Care must be taken with: polluting gases and vapors found in cleaning products, in building materials, with the use of air conditioning, with fibers, microbes, radiations, mold, electromagnetism, etc.

With awareness and openness we can distinguish that the most valuable thing is to grant us and give them time to their spaces, their physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing, without having to go out to buy things or decorate them with more toys. Simply with love, will simplicity and time you can generate a beautiful growth and evolution in the child.

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