Classical Taoism begins as a philosophy of life with Lao Tzu who lived about 600 BC Later Chuang Tzu wrote about these teachings and contributed a new metaphysical philosophy but demystifying them from magic and superstitions.
Taoism is not a philosophy of renouncing the world, but a withdrawal from everything superficial and artificial, sophisticated and unworthy.

It is using the light of one’s interior so that it reverts in the natural clarity of one’s own sight … living in contact with the world and yet being in harmony with light.

It is a natural movement through a clarity of perfection and awareness that monitors, but that does not prejudge or allow criticism and analysis that only cause separation between the preceptor and the perceived thing.

The basic objective of the Taoist is the attainment of balance and harmony between Yin and Yang, known as two great powers, the two poles between which all manifestation takes place. It is useless to impose Taoism on the world from without, one can only reform his own being and until that being is in balance and achieves a total innocuousness for himself as well as for others, he can not offer anything worthy to the world.

… “The wise, always speak without words …”, this is a Confucian and Taoist principle. Emerson took the same message to the West … “We teach you what we are … involuntarily.” These philosophies use the word Tao, whose meaning is “the way”. The road does not refer to the pursuit of a goal, as the path to follow, if a goal is pursued we are in a separate place, instead there is an open experience of life and an absorption of it because the path and the one that The tours are essentially the same. 

Half of the so-called problems of life are created by the boisterous mind. Taoism holds that Man is not the measure of the universe, but that all living things conform it, have their place and relations in nature and comprise Yin and Yang.
The Tao seeks balance and harmony, avoiding all extremes. The main thing is “the means” not the end, the end does not exist, there are only cycles.

Taoism then refers to the totality of man, physical, mental-emotional and spiritual. Adopt a more cosmological than theological point of view. Creative power is considered as something that comes out of nature, and not as an external force that is separated from the thing that is created. This force is manifested through Yin and Yang, two aspects of the same power, in a different polarity each. By seeing the opposites and understanding them, balance is achieved by keeping them harmonious.

The basis of transformation and transmutation is the acceptance of all of its positive and negative aspects.
The Yin and Yang then arise from the cycles, from the alternation of seasons, darkness and light, dawn and dusk, contraction and expansion, inaction and action.

… When man oscillates between opposites he loses his “center” he becomes unbalanced ….

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