When we talk about Spatial and ergonometric design in general terms, we refer to an art, a discipline and an aesthetic resource that is deeply related to our quality of life. Its purpose is to project, decorate and set all kinds of spaces, whether for personal or commercial use, with functional and aesthetic criteria appropriate to the different needs of the client.

Designing homes, commercial premises, work environments or special facilities, with proper space management, is an increasingly important factor in our lives. Knowing how to design and interpret the space, correctly lit (a very important subject) and with correctly solved circulations is a specialty that is increasingly necessary both in homes and in commercial ventures.

Feng Shui possesses and provides us with the necessary tools to optimize our relationship with the space we inhabit, whether external or internal, and it is here that ” Barragán – Puente “ articulates Feng Shui with Design, achieving a perfect combination of harmony between our habitat and ourselves.

Let’s see a concrete example:

Recently a client entrusted us with the design of his two-year-old son’s bedroom. In the bottom panoramic image of the current bedroom.As seen in the picture, the bedroom lacks storage space, closets, etc. and there is no defined spatial or design criterion.

The design premises to be taken into account were:

  • Make a timeless design that does not go out of style and that is functional throughout the different stages of the growth of the child of this marriage.
  • Take into account the possibility of incorporating a second bed for a future brother.
  • Incorporate a desktop
  • Add one or two shelves and storage spaces.
  • The possibility of being able to build the furniture in different stages.
  • And of course articulate spatial design and furniture with Feng Shui.

The resulting design in the following sequence of images:
Well the images speak more than a thousand words but we can explain some design concepts and Feng Shui that were taken into account in this design:E n terms of Feng Shui:

  • The favorable orientations for bed head restraints were studied.
  • The color green is ideal for a nursery because it is related to health and vitality. Represents Wood, plants, etc. In its positive aspect, wood is creativity and growth, it can predominate in children’s rooms or places where children work.
  • The materials, colors of the walls, furniture and all the accessories of the design in question take into account the harmonization of the space depending on the School of Flying Stars or the Xuan Kong Feng Shui, the most complete and advanced level of Feng Shui . The literal translation of Xuan is Time and of Kong is Space. This School considers all factors: the environment, forms, people, time and space.

E n regard to design:

  • The design took into account the deepest needs of the client, achieving a comfortable, harmonious and functional space that can stimulate the proper development of health, affection and the different stages of growth of the child.
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