Hacienda Tayutic (owned by the Ortuño-Victory family) located in the green valley of Turrialba, crossed by the Reventazón River, one of the largest in the country of Costa Rica, today houses an original hotel, product of having transformed the old family house and its surroundings in a new option of tourist activity – sustainable and that has characteristics that allow the visitor to be part and enjoy an interesting range of possibilities and services in five days (Monday to Friday): Accommodation , pool, massage, therapies body, relaxation , gastronomy , tasting and cocktails,archeology , traveled by trails of the Treasury, etc. next to a very complete and interesting  Seminar of Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology 4 Pillars . All these harmoniously organized services undoubtedly offer tourists a deeply enriching experience that they will never forget.

Program of activities of the Tourism Week – Feng Shui at La Hacienda:         
New Date to be confirmed. – Morning accommodation , visit to gardens
Afternoon 1 Seminar Feng Shui Basic Temario:Introduction: Brief historical review. Main schools.Integrating all schools.Traditional and Rational School.Yin and Yang (movement and transformation).Introduction to Bagua. Know the areas.Plants and lands of appropriate and inappropriate forms.The chi or Qi. How to detect the Sha-Qi (negative energy) How to increase the Sheng-Qi (positive and healthy energy).Theory of the five elements (Wu Xsing).Feng Shui atmosphere. Tips for interior decoration with Feng Shui.Aromatherapy for the environments.
New Date to be confirmed.   Tayutic Hacienda Tour (macadamia, orchid nursery, gardens, historic chapel and house, sugar mill and coffee shop, souvenir shop
Afternoon 2nd Seminar of Advanced Feng Shui Syllabus:The Flying Stars Introduction What are Flying Stars? ..Construction of the Geomantic Chart. The Front Star and the Mountain Star. The Road of the Nine Mansions Direct and Indirect Sequence.Determination of the Front and Mountain Direction. The Geomantic Chart and the floor of the house.The Meaning of the Stars Additive Interaction among the Stars. Conditional and Unconditional Interaction among the Stars. Interpretation of the Charter.How to neutralize the Negative Combinations and Enhance the Positive ones. Avoidance, Intervention, Creation – Reduction, Destruction and Drainage. Specific Countermeasures. Potentiating ElementsInteractions between the Stars (2nd Part). Conditional combinations or Ho-Tu. When Combinations Happen Special Combinations of Stars (Unconditional). Positive and Negative Unconditional Combinations.Interaction between the Stars (3rd Part). Star Front and Star Mountain. The Stars and the time factor: The time factor on the base star. Activation of the front star and the mountain star. Theory of the stars “Timely” and “Untimely”. Interaction between the Front Star, the Base Star and the Mountain Star. The Stars and the Five Elements. The correct use of red color, the correct use of water, Metal, Earth and Wood.The Bagua del Cielo Anterior and the relationship between the Trigrams and the Elements. Special letters: The letter of Three Combinations, the letter of Ten, the letter of the Pearl Necklace. Meaning of the Palaces.
New Date to be confirmed. – Tomorrow 3rd Seminar of Feng Shui Water Formulas Agenda:The Seven Water Dragon Formulas:
1. The Formula of the Water Star.
2. The Formula of the Direct and Indirect Spirit.
3. The Formula of Harmony.
4. The Formula of the Five Spirits.
5. The Celestial Doctor Formula.
6. The Castle Portal Formula.
7. The Formula of the Two Heavens.
Late massage-pool and facial
New Date to be confirmed. – Mañ ana Walk Forest Women (explanation of local artists)
 Afternoon 4th seminar Chinese Astrology – 4 Pillars Agenda:Origins of Chinese Astrology. Differences with western astrology. The Chinese Calendar The Sixty Year Cycle: The Twelve Earth Branches and The Ten Celestial Stems.The Five Elements and Chinese Astrology. The influence of the Planets represented by the Five Elements. Yin and Yang aspect of the Five Elements. The Four Pillars of Destiny. The Signs of the Zodiac and the Five Elements. The Cycle of the Elements. The Twelve Signs the Zodiac (2nd Part).The Calculation of the Four Pillars: The Pillar of the Year, the Pillar of the Month, the Pillar of the Day and the Pillar of the Hour. Meaning of the Pillars. The Key Element (1st Part). Intrinsic Element and Hidden Elements in each Pillar. Balance of the Elements within a Natal Chart. Calculation and Interpretation of the Ten Year Life Cycle. The Interpretation of the Charter (1st Part). The Triangles: The Triangle of Creativity, The Triangle of Home and Family, The Triangle of Ambition, The Triangle of Commerce. The Squares: The Four Flowers of Love, The Literary Cross, The Cross of Travel.The Interpretation of the Charter (2nd Part). The Balance of the Elements and the Character. The Key Element and the Ten Year Cycle. The Kua number and the Ten Year Cycles.Analysis of the Key Element: The Ten Gods: The Element of Wealth, The Mother Element and the Guardian Element, The Friend and the Adversary, The Angel and the Demon, The Funny Mind and the Defiant Mind, The Element of Romance, The Element of Luck, Analysis of Compatibility, Family Relations. Other Meanings of the Pillars.
New Date to be confirmed. – Tomorrow5th Seminar of Transcendental Feng Shui Agenda:Historical Review, the great Masters.Taoism Bases. Philosophy.Metaphysics. ConceptsUniversal Mind, personal mind. Attract and maintain prosperity. The equilibrium.Meditation techniques Quiet the mind. Exercises to increase the power of attention.The chi of spaces, objects, people. The cures.Introduction to Dowsing The pendulum and the rods.Practical exercises for its use.Healing and cleaning of environments.Energy protections.Herbs Specific uses.Sounds, aromas, intentions.Mantras MudrasPreparation of the Healer or Consultant.Transcendental movements to be filled with Chi, Ki (energy) of heaven and earth.Exercises to extract remnants from our auric field. (essential when working with different energies).
Afternoon Barísmo (explanation session, tasting and cocktails based on Hacienda coffee) Relaxing and facial massages
New Date to be confirmed. – Morning Departure airport.
5 nights accommodation at Hacienda Tayutic.Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.Full Seminar of Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology – 4 Pillars in the main hall, Includes support material consisting of manuals and software specialized in Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology – 4 Pillars .Wireless Internet.Various activities in the Hacienda.Transfers to and from the Costa Rica airport.
Payment Methods:Counted 10% discount.Credit card (Visa, MasterCard and American Express).
Registration is open 
“Only 14 vacancies available”
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