” Barragán – Puente ” invites you to participate in the Advanced Feng Shui Course Online.
 What is the Online Modality … ??? In some cases, taking a basic Feng Shui course with our daily activities can be complicated. For these reasons, we have decided to offer you the possibility of a Basic Feng Shui Online Course, thus optimizing time and money, adapting the indications that we give in the moments that you have. 
How do Online Courses Work … ??
 By registering for the course, you immediately enter the virtual classroom where you can access all the lessons, which can be downloaded in printable .pdf format. This type of file is read with the Adobe Reader program, which can be downloaded for free from the following link: 
 It is for this reason that there are no start dates for courses under this modality. You can also be part of a closed mailing list composed of all enrolled students, through which you can transmit all your questions and queries and you can access all the answers. This group will be coordinated directly by Arch. Marcelo Puente. 
 Courses Presence and courses On Line are composed of the same program: 
Advanced Feng Shui Course On Line  
 This course is dedicated to the School of Flying Stars or the Xuan Kong Feng Shui, the most complete and advanced level of Feng Shui. The literal translation of Xuan is Time and of Kong is Space. This School considers all factors: the environment, forms, people, time and space.
The space is the magnetic orientation (here 24 directions are used) and the time, the year of construction of the house. These two variables are conjugated to calculate the geomantic letter of the house or Map of theFlying Stars ; Once this map is defined it is possible to interpret the energies to then balance the stars, neutralizing the negative and enhancing the positive and determining, for example, the best orientation to build a home, the best distribution of the environments, the best place for a venture commercial and the exact places where to place a source of water, the TV, a carillon etc. 
Approximate duration 12 weeks (3 months).
It consists of twelve lessons in which the following topics are developed:
 Lesson 1: Flying Stars Introduction What are flying stars? The Chinese Calendar The Base Star: Construction of the Geomantic Chart (1st Part) and The Path of the Nine Mansions.
Lesson 2: Construction of the Geomantic Chart (2nd Part). The Front Star and the Mountain Star. The Road of the Nine Mansions Direct and Indirect Sequence.
Lesson 3: Determination of the Front and Mountain Direction. The Geomantic Chart and the floor of the house.
Lesson 4: The Meaning of the Stars. Additive Interaction among the Stars. Conditional and Unconditional Interaction among the Stars. Interpretation of the Charter.
Lesson 5:The Stars in each Environment, distribution of Furniture and Equipment. The Guardian Star. Use of the Guardian Star. Types of Special Letters.
Lesson 6: How to neutralize the Negative Combinations and Enhance the Positive ones. Avoidance, Intervention, Creation – Reduction, Destruction and Drainage. Specific Countermeasures. Potentiating Elements
Lesson 7: Interactions between the Stars (2nd Part). Conditional combinations or Ho-Tu. When Combinations Happen Special Combinations of Stars (Unconditional). Positive and Negative Unconditional Combinations.
Lesson 8:Interaction between the Stars (3rd Part). Star Front and Star Mountain. The Stars and the time factor: The time factor on the base star. Activation of the front star and the mountain star. Theory of the stars “Timely” and “Untimely”. Interaction between the Front Star, the Base Star and the Mountain Star. The Stars and the Five Elements. The correct use of red color, the correct use of water, Metal, Earth and Wood.
Lesson 9: The Bagua of the Previous Sky and the relationship between the Trigrams and the Elements. Special cards: The Three Combinations card, the Ten card, the Pearl Necklace chart, Wang Shan Wang Shui, Shang Sha Xia Shui, Xin Dao Xang, Xin Dao Zuo. Meaning of the Palaces.
Lesson 10: Formulas for the location of Water (1st Part): Small Water. Formula of the Direct and Indirect Spirit. Palace of Fortune (Zhao Shen), Formula of the Portal of the Castle, Formula of the Two Skies. Prisoner Star. Fan Fu Yin (Reverse Siren and Hidden Siren).
Lesson 11: Introduction to Bau-biology: the healthy house. The 25 principles of bau-biology. Electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic fields. How the Electromagnetic Fields affect us Neutralization and protection. Teluric Radiation. Complementary themes.
Lesson 12:Bau-biologie: The house Sana. Choice of Healthy Materials: considerations about Wood, Agglomerates, Paints and other coatings. Facilities: Water, Electricity, Gas, Lighting, Heating, Isolation, Physiology of Space, Design applied to Ergonometry. 
Facilitators: Architect Marcelo Puente Investment of the Advanced Course of Feng Shui On Line: $ 1150 Argentines or $ 150.
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