Barragan – Puente dictates courses in options:
Attendance: These courses are dictated personally by Alba Barragán and the Architect Marcelo Puente and the corresponding notes for each subject are included.

On Line: In some cases, taking a Feng Shui course with our daily activities can be complicated. For these reasons, we have decided to offer you the possibility of a Feng Shui Online Course, thus optimizing time and money, adapting the indications that we give in the moments that you have.

How do Online Courses Work … ??
By registering for the course, you immediately enter the virtual classroom where you can access all the lessons, which can be downloaded in printable .pdf format. This type of file is read with the Adobe Reader program, which can be downloaded for free from the following link

It is for this reason that there are no start dates for courses under this modality. You can also be part of a closed mailing list composed of all enrolled students, through which you can transmit all your questions and queries and you can access all the answers. This group will be coordinated directly by Arch. Marcelo Puente.
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