The paintings, specifically the painted Artworks, are excellent ACTIVATORS of energy (chi) in spaces of all kinds. And even better; they are great POTENCIADORES of favorable and auspicious sites, denominated in Feng Shui, positive palaces. In the same way, the paintings are used to NEUTRALIZE inauspicious or negative areas, which becomes something really wonderful and surprising.

We always recommend placing pictures that connect them with the natural, be it nature itself, of which we are a part, or situations of a natural nature for each one. The concept is to harmonize through the Five Elements , a fundamental tool in all Taoist arts and science, as well as assessing the integration of yin and yang. For inauspicious or unfavorable spaces there are several “cures”, for example water represented by soft waterfalls, lakes, rivers, in a harmonious state, neither an aggressive sea, nor a stagnant lagoon. See sequence of images.

The same happens with the auspicious and positive areas, it will be necessary to “enhance” or “duplicate” that energy with paintings with certain motifs and colors. Remember that charities are highly favorable for health, harmony in relationships, prosperity, opportunities, etc. These are determined by means of the Integral Study of Traditional Feng Shui, which is the most complete, personalized and contemplates the most modern sciences along with the most classical tradition.

You can also choose to direct and activate the chi by means of the tables, without needing to know thoroughly the energy of the place. In any case we recommend carrying out the aforementioned study. The works of art are also vibrational energy par excellence and carry a deep connection of the artist who painted them.
It is important to know in which way that artist has painted the work. In our Studio, Alba Barragán , besides dedicating herself to Feng Shui and decoration, is Reiki Master and Inst. Of Meditation, so when she paints a painting, she impregnates that Work with all the Love of the Universe. At the end of the Work, he performs a beautiful ceremony of blessing, in this way the painting will take wherever he goes, that energy of light and love that was given to him.

Energy flows through everything, in an invisible but perceptible way, like emotions, like light and love, through sounds, aromas, thoughts. And what we see, produces a certain sensation, a frequency wave of vibration. If we see situations of peace, joy, hope, nature, we will feel that pleasant feeling every time we see that place. Therefore, try to surround yourself with elements and objects that convey beautiful sensations

More paintings from the Barragán studio – Puente

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