Chinese Astrology

Western Astrology considers the movement of planets along a belt of stars called the Zodiac (Animal Wheel), whereas Chinese Astrology fronlinecasino.comis based on the movements of the moon around the entire celestial sphere and in the determination of cycles of pre-established time. But despite having noticeable differences, we can see that both Western Astrology and Chinese astrology have twelve signs and each of them is assigned an animal name, in the case of Chinese astrology is known as ” L as Twelve Earth Branches“and no analogy can be drawn between the signs of the Chinese horoscope and the signs of the Western horoscope, since those belonging to the western horoscope are defined by the passage of the sun, throughout the year, by the twelve constellations of the zodiac, while the signs of the Chinese horoscope follow a correlative order, because it is based on cosmic cycles that are repeated throughout our lives, the events come, go and return when one cycle ends and another begins.Chinese astrology allows us to know with precision the elemental (energetic) composition of a person acquired at the moment of his birth, therefore we will be able to use this data in our favor, because we will know which cycles will be more favorable and which will be less favorable.

Just as with Feng Shui we can manipulate the most subtle perceptions in relation to space, Chinese astrology allows us to manipulate the more subtle energies that manifest through time.

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